Introduction to Dimensional Modelling

An introductory course to what is the cornerstone behind a large proportion of successful business intelligence projects - the dimensionally modelled data mart or data warehouse. This is a foundation course which introduces concepts and methodologies for thinking about business data and how to turn business requirements into a dimensional model to support decision making.

Dimensional Modelling 101

Aimed at newcomers in BI, those working with data warehouses, BA's and DBA's, this one day Dimensional Modelling 101 course is a foundation that will help attendees understand different ways to think about business data from a business and technical perspective.

The Dimensional Modelling course covers the theory of dimensional modelling, first steps to engaging with business and considerations for developing an approach. It covers off both initial fact and dimensional design.

Bring your data to life!

Learn how dimensional modelling can enhance and extend your data warehouse capability, how it can be used to assist your business to better understand their internal data and how basic principles and techniques can easily work to accommodate the changing data culture in your business.