What we do

DM Demographic Analysis

There are many sources for demographic information and many are freely available through public sources, however they are hard to consume and near impossible to gain relevant insight from them.

We removed these barriers to entry and unleash powerful and easy to use information tailored to your organisations locations.  Our advanced address cleansing and matching engines geo-code your data and match ever the worst quality addresses.  From these cleansed addresses, DM Demographic Analysis will group your addresses and source the underlying demographic information about your customer’s locality.

Combine this demographic data with your customer’s sales information and we now have an extremely potent combination of information and insight on who your customers are.

With this mash up of data, real world understanding of both your organisation and your customers becomes clearer, for example

  • Are you stores located in the best possible location for your customer base?
  • Are your online stores cannibalising your physical network?
  • What is the Regency, Frequency, Value and Proximity of your typical customer?
  • How many competitor stores does your customer bypass to reach yours?
  • How often do you customers shop with you?