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Implementing a new CRM or ERP or any major line of business system usually will require data migration.  DATAMetrics has put effort into reducing the time and energy a business commits to this process by developing an extensive framework and process which takes stress of your project team and lets them get on with implementing a fit for purpose system.


The DATAMetrics Data Migration Framework allows you to implement an end to end data migration. The framework provides an auditable and repeatable data migration approach which handles extraction from sources, transformation of data by applying business rules in line with the requirements specified by the target system. The framework also provides an audit trail for each executed run to be able to execute multiple cycles and test and benchmark results.

This approach is based on DATAMetrics’ experience in extracting and loading data both for data migrations and data warehouse solutions, which share a lot of features in terms of extracting data from legacy source systems and applying business rules to transform the data into a shape where it can be used by downstream applications or a data warehouse. Data Migration projects have been undertaken for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, Patient Management and Telecommunications Provisioning systems.