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Tania Armstrong

tania white

Tania Armstrong

Data Evangelist / Business Developer / Super Connector

Since 2001 Tania has been working in business development roles within telecommunications & networking, market intelligence and software application.  And she has always strived to forge relationships where the clients know she operates with integrity.  She has worked with Americas top 50 law firms and corporates in London including BSkyB, all top media.  Here in NZ – Otago University was her ‘blue ribbon account’ (i.e. top 10 NZ account) and she has developed relationships with leading corporates in agriculture, health, utilities to name a few.

Her role revolves around multiple managed services / productions with seamless outcomes e.g. content management systems / websites / CRMs etc.  BI became a passion because she understands the power of being able to make business decisions that are backed by fact.